Cross stitch is not just a hobby it is a way of life. And it needs to be fun, not stressful!

 A great way to stay organized is to keep a cross stitch planner (or journal). You can do this just in a notebook – or you can step up for game with this Printable Cross Stitch Planner made just for you!

But Why Use a Cross Stitch Tracker?

It may sound like woo-woo but if you are intentional and have a vision of what you want to achieve you are more likely to actually achieve it. 

What better way to have a clear vision and stay intentional then to keep a cross stitch planner each year. 

Here’s the printables you have available to you. 



2022 Cross Stitch Planner

This printable is in the works and will be available for you to download mid-November.

 It will have a soft cardstock cover, black coil bound spine and 60lb paper on the inside pages. 

The month dividers will be color, and all other pages will be “DIY” – meaning YOU get to color them in.

Included in this printable is:

  • 2022 year at a glance calendar
  • Add Monthly and weekly pages are stitchy themed in black and white, and set up so you can color them in and make it your own! 
  • Monthly Sections that include:
    • Goals, Important Stitchee Related Dates, Theme of month’s challenge (Stitchee Only) and space for your own notes. 
    • Stitch Challenge STITCHO Board, and Stitches Count tracker.
    • Free small pattern. 
    • A stitch tracker (to track your month’s stitches – days, hours, stitches, WIPs, etc.)
    • Place to tally up your prize entries for the cross stitch challenge. 
    • Two-Page monthly spread – with daily checkboxes to track whatever habit you want, to do list and a wish ort jar (to doodle all your wants, or things you have learned)
  • Weekly Sections that include:
    • Two page spread – space for notes for each day of the week
    • Stitch Count Tracker
    • SAL Release note section
    • Goals section
    • A bit of inspiration or motivation to get you stitching
    • Stitch Challenge note section
    • WIP Progress note section
    • General Notes section (or a doodle space)

Digital Planner Releases In . . .








Bonus! Yep, there’s more!

This planner will be available in three forms: digital, fillable and printed.

Digital Version: This version will be a single PDF (some 250 pages) and will be available for purchase in November for just $20! BONUS: It will include a tutorial on how to create your OWN Happy Planner. 

Fillable Version: This version will (hopefully) be a single PDF, or divided my month. It will be available for purchase in November for just $25! BONUS: It will have the challenges and free patterns divided from the fillable for easy download. 

Printed Version: This is the version I am MOST excited about. I am having them printed by a (somewhat) local company. These will ship mid to late November from me. The cost for this is $47 (PLUS SHIPPING) BONUS: A free stitchy themed bookmark. 

Here’s a peak inside: