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Creatively Stitching will take you on the path to being the best cross stitcher you can be!

Are you a new cross stitcher? 

Unsure where to start, or maybe you are just overwhelmed with all the information available. 

Have you been struggling to keep your stitch bug alive? 

Looking for ways to stay inspired and keep consistently stitching.

Are you looking for some cross stitch friends? 

Find like minded stitching besties that speak your cross stitch language and are as obsessed with the hobby as you.

Cross stitching is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages. It is a great way to unwind and relieve stress. BUT for some, it causes stress – because there is SOOO much information and SOOO many things involved. Cross stitching is filled with information and it can cause overload for some; and for others you just never tap into all the awesomeness that cross stitching has to offer.

Together we will turn you into the super stitcher I know you can be – with an tribe of STITCHEEs behind you motivating and inspiring you to truly enjoy your hobby!

Together we will . . .


  • Be curious and want to take the cross stitching world by storm. You will no longer feel overwhelmed by all the information out there.
  • Be healthy – mind, body, and stitchy soul. You will live life with a positive mind, and a positive stitch community to go to when you need some company.
  • Be organized with no chaos, simply sit and stitch! You will have resources at your fingertips to keep you organized.
  • Be stocked up with the cross stitch stash of your dreams. You will have, or know where to get, everything you need and want.
  • Be inspired to take on all project – big and small! You will not fear confetti, or large projects, nothing will scare you!

Remember, that the WE is not just you and me . . . it’s the Stitchee Collective – full of positivity, encouragement and fun!

The Stitchee Collective is all about having fun cross stitching, keeping each other inspired, motivating each other to finish those projects and celebrating our stitching accomplishments together.

Here’s what one of your new stitch besties has to say about Creatively Stitching:

I love my new stitchee family, seeing all the lovely work and everyone is so helpful it’s great!


Stitchee Since May 2019

What is a STITCHEE??

Have you heard things like:

  • “That looks …. nice”
  • “That’s all you got done after hours?!”
  • “How do you enjoy playing with string?”

You will never hear that from a Stitchee! We get you!

The Stitchee Collective is:

  • Total positivity – always happy and having fun. 
  • Always inspire each other to be creative.
  • Celebrate every win, even the little ones.
  • People that “get” you.
  • Only the BEST family a stitcher can have!

The Stitchee Collective family started in May 2019 and the member’s that have joined in are just AMAZING!

Everyone is encouraging, positive and inspiring! So much fun to hang around (virtually) with! The members are all about creating a happy place with no drama at all!

It’s the stitchy family you always wished you had! I know I love them all to pieces and don’t know how I lived without them!


Joining the Stitchee Collective will give you over 400 new Stitchee Besties!

Private Member’s Only Area

Called our Stitch Hub. It houses all your membership goodies – all the patterns from SAL’s will be in here ready for downloading when you are ready to stitch them. 

There is also areas for the monthly trainings, the Cross Stitch Tool Kit, freebies and so much more!

Have a look at the video on the left here, I will give you a private tour of our Stitch Hub.

I love the community and the fact that I have instant access to all the patterns no matter where I am at as long as I have Wi-Fi.


Stitchee since May 2019

Patterns, Stitch Alongs, Series and Bundles

Once you are signed up, as long as your membership is active (you are paying your fee) you get access to EVERY SINGLE  stitch along, series and bundle that come out.

These are always available in the Stitch Hub for easy downloading – no need to store them on your PC.

Here is a list of SOME of the upcoming, and already ongoing things. Remember you will also get any NEW thing that starts after your sign up!! 


These are panel release style patterns (we release one small section each time – to create one image).

Normally the full image will be an 8″x 10″.

We host 6-8 SAL’s per year including:

Seasonal SAL’s – matching theme, one for each season

Stitchmas – 24 days of Christmas fun

Stitch’yween – 31 days of Halloween fun

One Cutesy SAL’s – like our HP inspired and Disney inspired ones.

*plus our 2 yearly free stitch alongs (Jan and Aug) are stored in the Stitch Hub and Stitchee’s get bonus items.


These are quick stitches, usually around 50 x 50 stitches.

All patterns will be a matching theme.

Cutesy Zoo – adorable animals released monthly – ongoing with instant access to 25+ animals. Series will go up to 50 animals.

Cats & Coffee – monthly release – instant access to 5+ with series going up to 50 of them.

Gnome Mega Series – monthly releases of adorable gnomes for all occasions – larger sized than regular series. 

Birth Symbols & Zodiac Series – monthly releases to match birth months – even smaller than our quick stitches at 30 x 30 stitches! 

Surprise Mini Series – random mini series released on a whim usually – example, our Labyrinth mini-series, Mythology mini-series, etc.

**There will be two new series launched each year (spring and fall) and all previous series will keep going until they hit 50! New sign ups get access to ALL Series that are still ongoing when they sign up.  


    These are larger patterns with the same theme/style but can easily be stitched individually.

    4 new bundles are released yearly. There are 10-12 pieces per bundle.

    These include:

    A holiday themed bundle – patterns for every occasion

    Stitchy Days – calendars for each month

    Two other fun bundles, like our past Around the World, Be You Princesses, Crafters, Binging Favs, etc.

    Stitchee Store

    These are patterns available ONLY to Stitchee’s and will never be public – at a very discounted rate. 

    Add Ons – these are additional pieces to match existing SALs, series and bundles. 

    Word Art Sets – text for all occasions.

    Early Access & Member’s Pricing – to publicly released patterns. 

    Stitchee Only Pattern – this will have patterns NEVER available to the public, as well as access to our vault of ALL retired patterns. 

    NEW!! In this store there will be a Princess series of patterns you will WANT in your collection. They will only be available to Stitchee’s. 

    **There will also be an area for Stitchee suggestions and I’ll use those to chart patterns – if I use yours you get it free! 

    INCLUDED in the Spring 2023 Opening:

    To be announced January 2023, keep this page handy and check back then!


    Join the Wait!

    We open again Spring 2023 and YOU can be the first to get notified when doors open.

    As space is limited, being on this waitlist will be you a 15 minute head start to get in before everyone else!

    Sign up to the waitlist and join in some free monthly stitching challenges and be the first to know when the doors open.

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      One More Reason to Get in Now . . . 

      Our Stitchee Collective is a super close knit little family, and I want to be able to remember everyone’s names and truly make them friends. 

      I have made the decision to limit enrollment to the Stitchee Collective. 

      This means that there will never be more that 500 Stitchees. 

      What does that mean for you? When we open in Spring 2023 we will have only 75-80 spaces available!! Be sure to be on the wait list to get a head start on joining!

      I was lost. I only really had one friend I could go to for questions on projects. Now I have a whole family I can reach out and ask for advice.

      The challenges that are put on help me finish projects quicker.

      Thank you for everyone! Thank you for the motivation and all the added challenges. Love the smaller SAL that are put on as well. I have a lot of work head of me.


      Stitchee Since May 2019

      Amazing Group of Stitch Besties

      By far one of the BEST parts of this membership is the group of Stitchee’s! It is filled with positivity, inspiration, and encouragement.

      The community is so much fun and every stitcher is filled with tips and tricks – eager to share it with the family.

      Tons of Motivation & Inspiration

      Member only stitch challenges with amazing prizes are put on monthly.

      Yearly Stitching Planner (PDF for free, and option to purchase printed version at a Stitchee price & first dibs!) *access starts for 2023 cross stitch planner

      Bi-monthly stitch togethers on Zoom.

      Secret Santa each Christmas and a Christmas card exchange.


      So what do I love about being a Stitchee?

      Well firstly, all the patterns we get either free or discounted, I mean who doesn’t love having more to stitch?

      Secondly, all the support from the other Stitchees. You run out of a thread – someone will find it somewhere, you looking for a pattern – someone knows someone who is selling it, you want permission for a new start – you got it!

      Thirdly, getting the challenges, let’s face it extra motivation always helps and the challenges are so varied it gets you thinking or picking up that long neglected project.

      Fourthly, resources. There’s so many useful tutorials, from the basic how to stitch all the way to stitching with ADHD and colour choices. To me, all of these things make it great but probably the best part is knowing that even if you stitch alone at home in secret, there’s a whole bunch of people excited to see what you are up to.


      Stitchee since September 2020


      Monthly training delivered by our Stitchee’s (Aida, Laguna, Stitch, Needle and Bobbin). They are housed in our Stitch Hub, for your own self study. Pick the topics that YOU want to learn about. 

      Currently available are things like “How to Kit a Project” and “Cross Stitch Shopping Resource Book” and many more!

      There are also monthly printables released – from things to help you stay organized or just for fun, like coloring pages.


      Rewarding You for Being a Stitchee!

      Our Stitch Bucks will be a digital currency you can save up to spend in our Stitchee Rewards Store. There will be a number of ways to earn Stitch Bucks, and the Rewards Store will be filled with fun items for you to spend your Stitch Bucks on.

      This program is new, so there will be new ways to earn added throughout 2022. You will be able to earn points each month you pay your membership fee, completing monthly trainings, and for completing the Tool Kit and more.

      Stitch Bucks can be cashed in at our Stitchee Rewards Store. Store will open in late summer 2022 — Here are the ways you will be able to redeem: Small Custom Patterns, Exclusive SAL’s and Series only available with StitchBucks, and more! 

      Cross Stitch Tool Kit

      A 6 week course that will help you be the best cross stitcher you can be.

      We touch on all the areas that will make you a Super Stitchee! We will have video tutorials, downloadable books, and a ton of great free printables.

      (Instant access to this course – it is self-paced so do it at your speed!



      I love all the SAL’s included and the training sessions!

      The community is awesome and everyone is there to help you so you can continuously learn new things.


      Stitchee since May 2019

      Member’s Swag & Discounts

      An private Stitchee only area full of all sorts of fun swag like project bags, needleminders, blankets, mugs and more. There is also a member’s discount on Creatively Crafting products – including needleminders, patterns, threaders, thread conditioners, and our Etsy shoppe.


      Minder Maynia’s!

      Get first dibs on minders, especially the limited edition ones. And you can call dibs, pile up minders and ship in one parcel and save on multiple shippings.

      Plus, member’s get a Stitchee needleminders at a discount! Oh! Did I mention there are Stitchee exclusive needleminders too!! 

      Progress Trackers for all SAL’s

      You can check off as you complete each piece. Each SAL is stored separately on the Stitch Hub so you can review your progress of each individually.

      There is also a main SAL progress page so you have a list of all the SAL’s and their corresponding panels.

      Stitchee Only Zoom Room

      A Zoom room available only to Stitchee’s and it is open all the time!!

      Private Facebook Group

      For those that do want to be on Facebook we have our own private area there too!

      Telegram Chat Group

      You can also join Telegram (free) and our Stitchee chat thread for some real time text chatting about all things stitching (and real life too!)


      Migrating to a Discord server for to get us all off Facebook, and focused on stitching. There is also a new community feature in the Stitch Hub we are beta testing.

      Join the Wait!

      We open again Spring 2023 and YOU can be the first to get notified when doors open.

      As space is limited, being on this waitlist will be you a 15 minute head start to get in before everyone else!

      Sign up to the waitlist and join in some free monthly stitching challenges and be the first to know when the doors open.

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        Here’s what Stitchees are saying:

        I love this membership, but don’t just take my word for it . . .  here is what some of the member’s are saying:

        Well what can I say.

        This was the first group I joined and everyday I find something new in the hub.

        Patterns, SALs, tips, videoes, and a whole group of new positive friends.

        I joined this past March and am not sorry. Well worth my money.

        And Amanda never sleeps bc she is quick to answer our questions.


        Stitchee since March 2022

        Being a Stitchee was the best decision I could have made when it comes to cross stitching! For me, it’s so much more then free patterns or learning new things.

        I have met so much amazing people in the group. People who I talk to on a daily basis. I love how no matter what time of day or night it is there always someone around to talk to. It’s so much more then just cross stitching, you get to learn about where different people come from and seeing there projects.

        I love when we post what our weather is like in different parts of world. I love how you get to learn from each other.. I couldn’t be more thankful to Amanda and Shawna for all there hard work they do. I think everyone needs to join.


        Stitchee since July 2019

        I love the SALs and the stitch challenges, even though I am a slow stitcher and do not get to stitch every day like most do.

        Great, wonderful, and awesome group!! NO DRAMA! Friendly people, lots of fun, very informational.

        I love the resources and video chats!!


        Stitchee Since May 2019

        It’s 100% worth every penny.

        The ability to have multiple SALs, but have the ability to hop back and forth between them once your in is great. The other thing is that there’s no pressure to get them done in a specific timeframe. You complete them at your pace! If you want to skip certain parts, go for it. If you want to pause a SAL because another one is coming out, do that too!

        I love the low key, zero pressure of our stitchy family. The customer service is over the moon amazing.  You truly go above and beyond for all things Creatively Crafting.


        Stitchee Since May 2019

        I became a Stitchee in the fall of 2020.

        During the height of the pandemic as a stay at home mom of two I rekindled my love for cross stitching. I came across the Stitchee Collective on Facebook and instantly knew that these were my people.

        I have since created life long bonds with some of the people in this group. Amanda has worked hard to make this a fun and loving place to come and be yourself. I believe everyone should be a Stitchee.


        Stitchee Since September 2020

        Being part of the Stitchee family has been helpful on so many levels.
        I left an abusive relationship were I lost the pleasure and the will to stitch. Before that it was one of my passion.
        By joining the Stitchee Collective, I’ve been able to slowly start getting back with mojo I had before. I love how everyone is open to help as soon as there’s something. Questions? Not sure how to do something? Proud of your creation? The Stitchee family is always there for you with an encouraging word – such pleasure and so much fun! I can’t forget to mention the collection of pattern I’m starting to get from all the stitch along, you will lose yourself in it!
        Did I mentioned so much fun in this group? 🙂

        Stitchee since March 2021

        I love being a stitchee because the challenges and patterns it provides motivates me to stitch more.

        I love being able to bring these patterns to life and gift them to family and friends.

        Stitching has helped so much with my ptsd and anxiety that when I’m stitching I forget about everything around me.


        Stitchee Since June 2019

        I’ve completed more projects in the last couple months than I had in the last 2 years which is exciting! I’ve learned to be more organized with my WIPs. It’s a great group of like minded and caring crafty individuals with unique patterns to challenge even the experience stitcher.

        If you love cross stitching it’s the best community you could join!


        Stitchee since May 2019

        The Stitchee site has so much to offer everyone that is a part of it.

        There is so much choice from stitching patterns, SAls, needle minders.

        Love seeing Amanda live too!


        Stitchee since April 2020

        Join the Wait!

        We open again Spring 2023 and YOU can be the first to get notified when doors open.

        As space is limited, being on this waitlist will be you a 15 minute head start to get in before everyone else!

        Sign up to the waitlist and join in some free monthly stitching challenges and be the first to know when the doors open.

          We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.