A stitcher training to help you be a more Stocked Up Stitcher.


We are in an era where paper pattern kits are becoming harder and harder to find – the common thing now is a digital PDF pattern and your own abilities to source the supplies. 

This is not as scary as it sounds! The hardest part is taking the pattern dimensions and determining what fabric you need. Everyone has a preferred count so the sizing on a pattern may not be accurate for YOU. 

For example, I chart all patterns in 18 count – but I, personally, use 28 count. 

“How to Size Your Fabric” is brought to you by one of our very own founding Stitchee’s (and my little helper elf) — Thank you Shawna!!

Shawna O

Founding Stitchee

Shawna has recorded a GREAT tutorial on how to determine fabric sizes for ANY project!! She’s even given us her golden Excel sizing calculator (see below the video). 

Resources for All Your Fabric Sizing Needs!

    Below you can download the Excel calculator that Shawna talks about in her video — save it to your desktop and have it ready at all times! 

    I’ve also added her powerpoint if you want to reference anything from her video.