A stitcher training to help you be a more Inspired Stitcher.


I bet you sit on Etsy and other shops and admire the colorful fabrics you see. What if I told you it was so easy to do this yourself! It is a few steps, and a few supplies – and some time.

We have already done a training on Ice Dying — and solid color basic dying . . . now for some immersion dying. 

We have an awesome Stitchee Guest Training who will be hosting this training for you — Corrin S!!

In this lesson:

  1. Making your own dye station (supplies to add for immersion dying)
  2. Prepare your fabric to dye & what supplies you will need.
  3. How to immersion dye. – video walk through.

This training is brought to you by Corrin S — thank you so much for sharing with us, Corrin!!

Corrin S

Guest Trainer

Creating Your Very Own Dye Station

We did this with ice dying as well — so these are some other items you can add into your Dying Station so you can do all sorts of dying techniques! Learn the Ice Dye technique here

If you are anything like me, once you do this once you will be hooked!! I suggest you create a portable dye station to make it easy to set up and dye!

Why? Because it is probably not suggested to use the same utensils, and then bake/cook with them.

For immersion dying, you will need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • A measure spoon
  • A spoon for mixing, or some tongs
  • A large bowl.


Prepare Your Fabric to Dye & Supplies You Need

The easiest fabric to dye is Aida – cotton LOVES dye. If the Aida is stiff it may be treated with a starch or other stiffener. You don’t need any fancy “dye aids” or anything – you can simply rinse it with some salty water.

Throw a few pinches of salt into some water and rinse it for a few minutes.

 The supplies you need:

  • Fabric Dye – I suggest Rit Dye — liquid version for this technique.
  • Fabric – Aida is best or Laguna.
  • Salt.
  • Your Dye Station.

NOTE: You will NOT need an entire bottle of dye for each piece, you use very little actually. I do suggest you buy a few colors and mix them up. You will get a lot of fabric dyed with each box.


Tutorial & Video Walkthrough

Corrin was so kind to make an awesome walk through for us of the entire process. 

Share Your Experiments

Once you take these instructions to your dye station, share your results with me – you can FB them to me, Telegram them to me, or email them!! I’ll post them below. 



Stitchee Immersion Masterpieces: