A stitcher training to help you be a more Inspired Stitcher.

We have all been there, you just have no motivation to cross stitch. That little stitch bug inside you just seems to be sleeping.

This can commonly happen when you are stressed, or something changes in your day to day routine. For example, the pandemic that swept the word.

And these stressful times are the times we need our stitch bug the most. This hobby is our happy place, our way to escape the stress of life.

In this training you will find some great ways to keep that stitch bug alive.

Let’s start with the basics – WHY you need that stitch bug, and how important is your cross stitching to you, and your mental health.

Why Cross Stitch Makes Your Heart Happy?

I know a lot of people say “I just don’t have time for a hobby”, but like healthy eating and exercise, a hobby is a necessity in life!

It has been scientifically proven that creativity is good for your health.

Here’s why I say this:

  • Having a creative hobby gives us something to consistently dedicate time to, which in turn gives us a sense of purpose above and beyond our day to day responsibilities.
  • Creativity elevates our moods
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Heightens your cognitive function
  • Reduces health risks.

With just these few things in mind you can see that, just like food and exercise, you NEED a hobby.

And if you are here, that hobby is cross stitch. Which is a GREAT hobby choice.

Not only is it fun! But also:

  • Great exercise for your fine motor skills.
  • Keeps your brain active with all the counting.
  • Gives you pride and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Tests your patience.

Sometimes that stitch bug just seems to fall asleep. No worries!! Here are 15 great ways to give that stitch bug a nudge and get your back in your groove.

15 Ways to Wake up your Stitch Bug

Sometimes that stitch bug just seems to fall asleep. No worries!! Here are 15 great ways to give that stitch bug a nudge and get your back in your groove.

Surf other peoples WIP’s.

  • It is totally okay to have WIP envy. It will give you a bit of motivation to get back to yours – so you can show your WIP off too.

Window Shop

  • Yep, jump on Etsy and start favoriting things you would love to work on.
  • Shop for accessories, make a wish list of things.
  • It’s like window shopping at a craft store gives you ideas for new projects, window shopping all things cross stitch will give you a boost in your motivation to get back to it.

Share your work, and update your progress.

  • Jump into our FB group, or in the Stitch Forums, and share your progress.
  • Before and after pictures after a few sessions are so fun! You really see your work coming to life.

Pick a show or movie that you are SUPER excited to see and set it aside. Have it that you MUST stitch while you watch.

  • This gives you the excitement of watching that new show, so you want to go stitch so you can watch it.

Start a mini project.

  • Take a breather from your bigger pieces and start something tiny.
  • It’s a quick win that will get your feel accomplished and proud.
  • Like the below mini stitch bug, or stitch snail. 

This little Stitch Snail is 43 x 32 stitches in size – a quick stitch to keep at your stitchy spot. 

This little stitch snail is 43 x 32 stitches. A cute little fellow to join you at your stitchy spot!

Make mini goals for yourself.

  • Make a “fresh start” just like everyone does at new years. Set a few resolutions and goals.
  • This can be small things like: finish one page, get four 10×10 squares done, etc.

Set a small daily goal.

  • Make it so you get a goal to just stitch everyday – even a small goal like 10 or 50 stitches.

Grab a cross stitch magazine and flip through it.

  • This works the same as window shopping, or WIP envy, it just gets your thinking stitching and will make you want to stitch.

Make your stitchy spot, and make it special.

  • Claim a spot, big or small, in your home that is your special spot. Have your WIP there and hang some art near (like a finished project).
  • Add cute things like a fun ORT jar, pretty scissors, a cute threader, etc.

Change WIP’s until it sparks.

  • Sometimes it’s just the project you are on that is draining you. Swap them out until one sticks.

If it’s nice out – stitch outside.

  • The change of scenery and sunshine will make your stitch bug happy.

Wake up, blast through the days chores and then stitch.

  • Having no “obligations” to think about will allow you to just enjoy your stitch time.

Just organize your stash.

  • Spend some time bobbinating, it will surprisingly motivate you.

Schedule a minimum of 15 minutes doing SOMETHING stitch related each day.

  • Or carve out one session a week. You deserve some me time!

Get a stitch buddy

  • No, not the furry kind. Get into the group or forums, reach out to your fellow Stitchee’s and find a buddy.
  • Chit chat stitching can spark your motivation too.

Want to spend a bit of time with me and stitch?

I will be hosting Stitch and Chat’s once a month. The dates will vary, as will the times (so I can reach all of you – seeming Stitchee’s are WORLDWIDE).

Keep an eye on your email, and the FB group for dates.

Member’s Tips:

Here are some more tips from other Creatively Stitching members:

(If you would like to add yours, send me an email and I’ll post it!)

Pick up something small to stitch on. Just make a goal of 10 stitches a day.

Christy Little

Pick up something small and fun. Switch off whatever project you’ve been working on

Monica Walker


  1. my problem is not so much losing my motivation to stitch ……it’s not having any family support for what I enjoy doing to help me relax and destress after teaching high school kids all day.

    • This is also my problem. I work so hard and im so proud of what I do and they just shrug their shoulders and move on. Well thanks for the ego boost..

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