Merry Christmas Stitchee!!

I say this every year, but I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate you and I am loving every minute of making the Stitchee Collective our home. You all make this community even better than I could of ever imagined! You are all very motivating, happy and inspiring Stitchees!! Even I am stitching more than I ever have because of all of you!! Keep the Stitchee spirit alive everyday!

2022 was another amazing year! We have grown soooo much this year and so many more fun things coming in the year to come. 

Your Stitchee Christmas gift is three parts



Gift Part #1

I hope that my Christmas cards have made it to you all. You will notice a little raffle ticket inside. This is part one of your Christmas gift this year.

  • If your card didn’t come with a raffle (like it ninja’d it’s way out of the envelope) or you happen to loose yours, PM me I’ll send pictures of raffle tickets after the holidays.
  • The draw is happening mid-January.
  • There is 5 prizes up for grabs this year. Watch for an email mid-January to announce the event.

Gift Part #2

The second part of your gift was emailed out as well as this is the challenge groups Christmas gift. As a Stitchee I’ll have it in the Hub for you whenever you need it. 

Gift Part #3

An additional pattern just for Stitchees — this one was something I had a few requests for last Christmas and boy was it hard to keep this a secret for an entire year!! 

Stitchee Collective Act of Kindness

A new tradition I would also like to start is paying back to a cause (or three) yearly. Any donations I make I always put them from “The Stitchee Collective” so you all are apart of the smiles we get with these donations.

This year we have:

  • Dropped tons of goodies off at our local shelter on a few occasions
  • Donated to The Trevor Project during Pride Month
  • Donated to After Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • Sent out many happy mails to stitchers who needed a smile – including small kits I had from magazines, needleminders and planners.

All year long I try to give out “smiles” and I do have an RAK fund jar that you are always welcome to contribute to. RAK FUND JAR — this goes solely towards stitchers who need smiles (in both the Stitchee Collective and the Free group)

As a final Act of Kindness for 2022 I will be “raffling” off printable versions of our planner in the Free Challenge Group the week after Christmas – so a few more stitchers who may not be able to afford it can enjoy the planner with us.

AND for Stitchees — if you truly couldn’t afford the planner (printed) this year, I’ll be posting after Christmas for those that truly need the smile and I will raffle off 2 planners. Please just be honest with yourself, I won’t ask for “justification” as to why you need it, but just ask that if you “could” buy it and just choosing not to, don’t just put your name in because it’s free — leave it for those that really want one just truly CAN’T.