Stitchee Monthly Stitch’pirations

I wanted to have some fun each month to help motivate you to stitch — without adding a ton of stress with “challenges”. These little inspirational tasks are meant to help you get progress done! 

There will be 4 styles we will rotate through the year. With SB rewards as added incentive.


These will focus on finishing existing pieces.

Team Challenges

These will focus on socializing, and harnessing the power of “lifting up others” to help make progress.


These will focus on stitch count on any pieces.


These will focus on putting stitches into as many WIPs as we can!

You will see the “theme” of Stitch’piration for each month in our shared Google calender (join it here) as well.

2024 Schedule of Stitch’pirations


January – LottoApril – Team ChallengeJuly – WIP Go RoundOctober – Finisher
February – FinisherMay – LottoAugust – Team ChallengeNovember – WIP Go Round
March – WIP Go RoundJune – FinisherSeptember – LottoDecember – Team Challenge


Info & Helpful Printables for Each

Below is a printable to help you with the different stitch’pirations, as well as links for submission.


You will track your final stitch count at the end of month. I will run a random five digit number at the end of the month. The more matches, the more entries you get into the prize draw.

To be included you simply need to do one of two things:

  • Add your final stitch count into the Hub at the end of the month. I will pull that number a few days into next month.
  • Fill in the printable and submit the information to the Google Form by the 15th of the following month.

On the 6th I will run the “lotto” number and announce. After the 15th I will do the prize draw. Prizes will vary each time.


Finisher Months are focused on finishing those pieces!​

This is where we do a no new start month, and get those existing pieces done.​

Each finish you get you get 5 SB – big or small.

​A finish counts if: 

  • You finish a WIP in total.
  • For larger WIP’s that are unrealistic to finish in a month, I will count if you hit major milestones. For example, finish one page of a HUGE piece, or get ever 10,000 into a large piece you have.​
  • For SAL’s if there is only one release during the month that can count as a finish, if you are catching up, it would be one finish for the catch up in total.

WIP Go Round

The focus is on putting stitches into as many WIPs as we can!

Each day write in a WIP you will work on, even if it’s just one stitch. See how many DIFFERENT projects you can work on this month. Check off the box once you have stitched on that WIP.

At the end of each week mark how many WIPs you worked on and then at the end of the month the total number of DIFFERENT WIPs you worked on.

There will be 5 SB for each WIP you worked on in the month. 

Team Challenge

These are the MOST popular by far!

The team challenge means:

  • I will divide everyone into teams this weekend, you will be added to a team chat (on FB or Discord)
  • Your goal for the month is to stitch the most stitches as a team.
  • You will keep track yourself, and I will have a Google form to fill in when updates are needed.
  • There will be a FB chat for each team. I will put those that prefer Discord all on one team so they can have their own chat over there.
  • I update standings a few times through the month, so be sure to keep the Google Sheet up to date. You can choose one team member to update for everyone, or each do your own.

The winning team is the one with the most stitches — the teams are randomized, but I do try to not stack teams with the ones I KNOW are our super big stitchers ;)​

Starting the 1st of the month, you will be counting your stitches. The final count for stitches is due by 6th of the following month, for all stitches you did for the month.


​The winning team gets a commemorative pattern to show off as their win.


**Google sheets will be created for the months that these challenges occur and links will be provided in chats for submission.