Pass a Nerd Tutorial

Pass a smile is more like it!! 

The goal of this: 

  • Stitch up a little Nerd. 
  • Add him in a baggie with the supplies for someone else to stitch the same nerd. 
  • Add the below print outs (instructions, pattern and such)
  • Ninja drop it at local craft stores, hospital cancer wards, youth homes, etc. Anyone who could use a smile and some inspiration to stitch. 

I envision these dropped off in all sorts of places. 

My Personal Mission

I plan to do this too! I have some keychains on order and I am going to stitch up maybe 10 or these and I plan to add in the kit to stitch themselves. I will be dropping them at our local Cancer Center for the nurses to give to patients. 


Okay before we get to the printables and pattern part, let’s go over the instructions. I’ve also done a short video below this to explain a little more. 

You can do this one of three ways:

  • Stitch the nerd yourself and just leave them random places for smiles. In this case you would only put in the 2 squares on the right on the printable. 
  • Stitch a nerd and add a kit for them to stitch too. In this case you would put all 4 squares of the printable in. 
  • Just drop the kit around. In this case you could still put all 4 squares in.

Let’s get Nerd-y!

Now once you decide which way you want to go, we need to get to work. 

Firstly, if you are stitching this little guy, you need to stitch him. 

  • You can do him in any color you like, I plan to do variety of colors for my drops. 
  • The amount you do is up to you! 
  • Finish it off – you can do this as a magnet, keychain, bookmark, or however creative way you want! 

Next we will want to print the pages you need to add in. Cutting them along the dotted lines. 


Nerd Kits:

Now for our kits for the nerds (the one you will be passing along), you will need the following: 

  • A small piece of cloth (size is dependent on the count you grab)
  • A needle
  • Your printed pages from this tutorial
  • The floss colors — now there are 4 colors and you won’t need a TON for each. I would add in a foot of the white and light pink and two feet of black and dark pink (or whatever color you want your nerd). If you are feeling generous put in a skein of each — the more they have the more times they can make a nerd in my eyes. 
  • Cute little baggies (or simple ziploc bags) with some way to hang them if you plan to hang them in stores or something.